Hellenic Heritage


Dear Friends of the Detroit Greek Independence Day Parade,

The Annual Detroit Greek Independence Parade is a celebration of Orthodoxy, Hellenism and Freedom. The Ann Arbor, Flint, Detroit, Saginaw, Toledo and Windsor Metropolitan area is one of the strongest Hellenic communities across entire United States and Canada. We are very proud of our heritage and of how we have shaped history in this region. The Detroit Greek Independence Parade offers us an opportunity to further grow our unique culture and keep it influential and alive.

Once again, we would like to recognize individuals that have shown exemplary results in promoting Orthodoxy, Hellenic Civilization and Hellenic Culture. Over the years, our recipients have selflessly contributed their time, energy and resources for the betterment of our Greek American community.

It is important to recognize established members of our Hellenic community that have laid the foundation and continue to be pillars in the Hellenic society. We owe these individuals a debt of gratitude for helping preserve Hellenism for future generations to come. Without their diligent efforts, our rich history and culture would be lost.

Hellenic Heritage Award Recipients
Konstantinos (Gus) Grias
Milton (Angelo) Gust
Dr. Steven Kalkanis
Robert Samaras
Lykourgos (Leo) Stassinopoulos
Ereni Stavrou
Peter Vestevich (Posthumously)

2017 Greektown Preservation Society Award Recipient
George Kotsis
Olga Loizon

George Kallos
Elia Kokkinos
Kostas Mantzios (Posthumous)
Kypros Markou (Special)
Calliope Pervolarakis
John Sheoris

George Gazepis
Chris Kontos
Theodore Monolidis
Christos Papadimas
Lambros Stassinos
Barbara Tecos

Kyria Anna Diamantaras (Special)
George Dimopoulos
Diane Edgecomb
Phillip Frangos
George Reganis (Special)
Dr. Steve Tsangalias
Dr. George Tsiatalas

James Giftos (Posthumous)
Peter Karmanos
George Platsis
Kyriakos Stavridis
Emmanuel Vichos

Tula Georgeson 
Dr. Harry Kotsis
George Raptis
Dr. Mike Syropoulos
Ernest Zachery

Anthony Kales
John Korachis
George Petrouleas
Gus Stavropoulos
Dr. Ignatios Voudoukis

Paul Alexopoulos
Eleftherious Botsas
Nick Georges
Kalliope Kazakos Resh
Dr. Denny Stavros

John Butsicaris
Nick Kastrantas
Dr. Theodore Pantos
Manuel Papista
Dr. Dimitris Politis
Penelope Teknos
Spero Theros

Lou Vlahantones
Penny Voudoukis (Dance Award)

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